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------ Free work ------
These works are for free. You can freely use them.

God'yn Grand Piano v1

Created 03/07/2002
It's a reworked version of GodijnGrand Piano. I played lots of gigs and home recording for about 3 months and this is the result. (So now you can throw away or ignore my previous GodijnsGrand Pianos )

This piano is very usable. It's my favorite. It has the same feeling and action as a real piano. (Oh well, ya know what I mean, just let me be happy for once ! ;) ) And it makes my EX a more worthier synth. I felt frustrated so long about EX piano's. But now I'm starting to get satisfied. (Oh, how I love bragging about myself ) It has a small pitch decay witch creates a nice warm sound. And it's very dynamic to play with. Some may find it to hard to play, but you'll get the hang of it after a while and learn to appreciate it. If not, you can always adjust the Velocity starting level in the COMMON panel of the patch.

Please feel free to add changes to this patch and post it here. It can only work out for the better and provide a new range of piano's for the EX. Also i may add new versions later, because evolution never stands still, doesn't' it ??!!!

How to Use: Brightness and decay control for more rock style (MW2). Mono or Stereo switch (MW1). Transpose functions on Sc1 and Sc2. (D4 and B3). Where control knobs 5 and 6 add more reverb and delay.

Threads can be posted on EX5tech.

free !


Godijns Pianos

Created 29/12/2001

1. GodijnsGrand

This piano is tested live and in studio. For live play it 
has all the features you could wish. Brightness and decay 
control for more rock style (MW2). Mono for a clean piano 
in the monitors (MW1). Transpose functions on Sc1 and Sc2. 
(D4 and B3). For studio play it can be turned into a full 
stereo grand piano. (MW1). Where control knobs 5 and 6 add 
more reverb and delay.

2. GodsRockPno
Hard attack rock piano. Mono to stereo switch (MW1) and 
brightness (MW2). I use this piano when i play heavy rockin 
stuff on stage.

3. GodsWideGrnd
Wide stereo grand piano. Same effect as Godijnsgrand in 
stereo, but only this is more a mellow version piano.

4. GodsSimplPno
Very handy mono sort piano. Only panned keys. Lower keys 
are more rock piano style. For live use and programming.

5. GodsBritePno
Wide stereo piano, with bright sound. Not for live use, 
only studio.

free !


Godijns Accordeons

Created 29/12/2001

  • Reed organ
  • Accordion
  • TangoAccordn

Based on Three Accordions from Peter Buchta. I made these voices for my XG-rom set I was working on. Gathering all the good stuff, adapting and placing them into the set are my instructions. They aren't the real thing. Hell, even my D- 50 produced better accordion sounds, and that was 10 years ago ! Let’s face it, EX wasn’t made for this synthesizing this stuff. They ‘forgot’ those rom samples at Yamaha’s :-) But no weeping. I hope these synth voices contribute.

free !


Download for free but feel free to Paypal me a beer ;-)

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