Avenger - FairVenger 80's Synthwave inspired Presets expansion with skin and add-ons

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FairVenger :
80's Synthwave inspired VPS Avenger expansion with skin and add-on sample packs 

In the 80's Fairlight created the first commercial sampler. In the future we recreated this legendary machine on a synth with more capabilities but kept the incredible spirit. It's named FairVenger !

Now available for VPS Avenger vst.


From Vintagesynth.com: The Australian Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI) is a vintage but state-of-the-art Synthesizer/Sampler workstation. An incredible sampler with 28 megabytes or more of memory! One or two full 73 note velocity sensitive keyboards! Complete synthesis and editing of digitally sampled sounds. Three different on-board SMPTE Sequencers and storage to various disk mediums. The processor itself is housed in a 24" module. It was also the first digital sampler to hit the market back in 1979 and has endured throughout the eighties and nineties.

It has been used by Jean-Michel Jarre, Heaven 17, Hardfloor, ABC, Hall & Oates, the Buggles, Supertramp, Thomas Dolby, Jon Astley, Michael Jackson, Yes, Trevor Horn (Art of Noise), Geoff Downes, Stevie Wonder, Vince Clarke (Yazoo), Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Devo, Julian Lennon, The Cars, Yellow, Lindsey Buckingham, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, David Gilmour, Elvis Costello, Scritti Politti, Starship, Teddy Riley, Brian Wilson, Foreigner, Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Jane Child, Eurythmics, Mike Oldfield, Prince, OMD, Steve Winwood, Duran Duran, John Paul Jones, Paul Hardcastle, Kate Bush, Queen, Keith Emerson, Alan Parsons, Fleetwood Mac, B-52's, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Soul II Soul, and Stewart Copeland.

Encounters media recreates the legendary 80's sound for the VPS Avenger synth.

This synth is perfect for the emulation since it has all the functionality plus modern technology on board !
Recreate the drumsequencer with patterns, add an arp or step sequencer. Resample the voices. Add modern insert effects to it from reverbs, delays, gates to even more complexe effects .
The original samples come with a nice dirty bit grain to it. You can even adjust the rate of the bit depth. To get that special low quality feel.
Use all of the Avenger Synth capabilities to create the most incredible FairVenger sounds and keep that original character to the sound.

The FairVenger, VPS Avenger Expansion

  • More than 700 presets and samples from the legendary cult sampler of the 80's
  • Famous sounds used in many 80's hits !
  • Drumkits, Voice FX, Hits, Guitars, and many more samples...
  • Original sample available to edit and change the loop points
  • Combi layered presets with new VPS Avenger functions added
  • A base expansion pack + Add-ons with new sounds !
  • Included FairVenger skin for VPS Avenger vst synth

Base Expansion:

  • Complete library with more than 470 famous original sounds from the 80's 

    • 32 Bass
    • 36 Bells and Mallets
    • 54 Brass
    • 31 Drums and kits and Fx
    • 63 Fx and kits
    • 41 Guitars and Fx
    • 22 Organs
    • 22 Piano & Keys
    • 13 Plucked
    • 37 Strings
    • 36 Synth
    • 76 Voices
    • 50 Wind & Reed

Add-on expansions:

Add-on 1 Hits & Drums

  • Contains new samples
  • Extra New Orchestral and Brass Hits
  • Extra Drumkits
  • Extra Loops
  • Extra Fx kits, Scratch kits, ...
Purchase the add-on here
or add in the options when ordering (link will be emailed)

Add-on 2 Voices & Pads

  • Contains new samples
  • Extra new Voices and pads
  • Extra new Voice Fx,
  • Extra Pads
  • Extra New Combination sounds
Purchase the add-on here
(or add in the options when ordering (link will be emailed)

Add-on video

User demo's: 

Wanna try it out? Register and get your FREE PRESETS 

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2. Then download our free presets here

Check the Fairlight greatest hits (sounds available in the presets):


The Famous Orch2 (5) hit sample: http://www.cult-sounds.com/Sounds/Orchsound.html

Fairlight® and Fairlight Instruments are trademarks of their respective owners. Encounters is not affiliated or endorsed by any entities listed here. Samples copyright by Fairlight shared under creative commons license. The price of the product is only for the skin, preset creation and custom samples. The add-on packs contain custom created samples. Product inspired by Fairlight Cmi.

Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5 and higher
Format ZIPPED .avengercontent file
Install instructions Installing the presets:
1. First UNZIP the file.
2. DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger browser library, It will start installing.
3. DONE, enjoy your presets.

Installing the Skin: Copy the FairVenger.avs skin into the /skinsfolder of the /Avenger root folder.
(if not available,create a new folder)

Install video: http://www.encountersmedia.be/How-to-install-Avenger-skins-and-expansions

Preset List

FairVenger AccBass1
FairVenger AccBass2
FairVenger BasClear
FairVenger BasClear2
FairVenger Bass1
FairVenger Bass2
FairVenger Bass3
FairVenger Bass4 Wha
FairVenger BassGt
FairVenger BassGtr2 Fretless
FairVenger Basso v2
FairVenger Basso
FairVenger BassPop v2
FairVenger Basspop
FairVenger BassRick
FairVenger BassSynt
FairVenger BassWow
FairVenger BassZow
FairVenger DblBass 1
FairVenger DblBass1
FairVenger DblBass2
FairVenger DigiBass
FairVenger ElBass
FairVenger Elec Bass
FairVenger GrowlBass
FairVenger JunoBass
FairVenger Meth Dist
FairVenger PickBass
FairVenger Synbss1
FairVenger Synbss2
FairVenger Synbss3
FairVenger Zow1

Bells Mallets
FairVenger aSyn
FairVenger BellSynth
FairVenger BellTr
FairVenger BellTree
FairVenger bMid
FairVenger Boing
FairVenger Bowl
FairVenger Celeste
FairVenger Chyme
FairVenger Clock Alarm
FairVenger EatBowl
FairVenger Gamelan 2
FairVenger Gamelan
FairVenger Glass4
FairVenger Jingell Bell
FairVenger Mach1
FairVenger Mallet
FairVenger Marimba Bass
FairVenger Marimba
FairVenger mbHit
FairVenger MusicBox
FairVenger RnchBell
FairVenger SlBells
FairVenger Spring
FairVenger Steel1
FairVenger Steel2
FairVenger Steel3
FairVenger SynBell FM
FairVenger TelBel
FairVenger Vibra Hi
FairVenger Vibra Lo
FairVenger Vibra Mid
FairVenger Vibra Xylophone1
FairVenger Vibra Xylophone2
FairVenger Vibra Xylophone3
FairVenger Waterphone

FairVenger BadSampledBrass
FairVenger Brass1 Scene
FairVenger Brass1
FairVenger BrsSect1
FairVenger BrsSect2
FairVenger BrsSect4
FairVenger BrsSect5
FairVenger ChorBras
FairVenger Cornet hi
FairVenger DrunkenTrumper
FairVenger Fhorn1
FairVenger Fhorn2
FairVenger Flugel bone
FairVenger Flugel fall
FairVenger Flugel mid
FairVenger Fluglo
FairVenger Gs1Horn
FairVenger Gs1Trump
FairVenger HalfValv
FairVenger Horn
FairVenger Hornensm
FairVenger Hornensm2
FairVenger mBrass
FairVenger mBrass2
FairVenger mBwow
FairVenger mBwowSus
FairVenger OldHorn Scene
FairVenger OldHorn
FairVenger Praisbrs
FairVenger Randy
FairVenger ShtTrpt1
FairVenger SloTrp1
FairVenger SloTrp2
FairVenger SynBrass
FairVenger SynTrp2
FairVenger SynTrump
FairVenger Trfall
FairVenger Trip1
FairVenger TrmbnMid
FairVenger Trmpt
FairVenger Trombone
FairVenger Tromm1
FairVenger Trp Scene
FairVenger Trp8vb
FairVenger TrpFall
FairVenger TrpHi
FairVenger TrpHi1
FairVenger Trphi1b
FairVenger Trphi2b
FairVenger TrpMid
FairVenger TrpRise
FairVenger Trptj2 Scene
FairVenger Trptj2
FairVenger Uphonium

Combi addon 2
FairVenger Aeronautica
FairVenger AsianNoon
FairVenger AsianTensioning pt I
FairVenger AsianTensioning pt II
FairVenger Bells Pad 2
FairVenger Bells Pad
FairVenger BoobieTrap
FairVenger Dark Future
FairVenger Fuzzyspace
FairVenger Hollow Pad
FairVenger Metalhonour
FairVenger Saw Voices
FairVenger ShifterPad 1
FairVenger ShifterPad 2
FairVenger Skanners
FairVenger Soundtrack Voices
FairVenger Territory
FairVenger Tibetans
FairVenger Ufology
FairVenger UnderwaterVoice
FairVenger Vocal Pad

FairVenger Cabasa1
FairVenger ClosedHH
FairVenger Cymb0
FairVenger Cymbell1
FairVenger Cymbell2
FairVenger DistSnare
FairVenger Gong
FairVenger HH 1
FairVenger HH 2
FairVenger HH 3
FairVenger HH Closed 1
FairVenger HH Closed
FairVenger HH Open
FairVenger HH OpenCl
FairVenger HH OpenCl2
FairVenger Pang
FairVenger PowerKick
FairVenger Ride
FairVenger ShtBell
FairVenger Splash
FairVenger Splash2
FairVenger SynDrums
FairVenger _DR Cymbals
FairVenger _DR Kick CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR Snares CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Perc FX 1
FairVenger _DR-Perc FX 2
FairVenger _DR-Perc FX 3
FairVenger _DR-Perc FX 4
FairVenger _DR-Set1 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set2 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set3 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set4 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set5 CMI IIx

Drums addon 1
FairVenger _DR-Set10 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set11 CMI IIIx ELECTRO
FairVenger _DR-Set12 CMI IIIx ROCK dry
FairVenger _DR-Set13 CMI IIIx ROCK
FairVenger _DR-Set14 CMI IIIx COLLINS
FairVenger _DR-Set15 CMI IIIx CAMEO
FairVenger _DR-Set6 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set7 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set8 CMI IIx
FairVenger _DR-Set9 CMI IIx

FairVenger Al
FairVenger Alien hit
FairVenger Bird Chirp
FairVenger Bird1
FairVenger Bird2
FairVenger Bird3
FairVenger Bird4
FairVenger Bird5
FairVenger Bizzare
FairVenger Breaking Glass
FairVenger Bumble
FairVenger Car Pass
FairVenger Chirp
FairVenger Cocky
FairVenger Cow
FairVenger Dawn
FairVenger Dish
FairVenger Dog
FairVenger Dove
FairVenger Drip 1
FairVenger Drip 2
FairVenger Fart
FairVenger Gallop2
FairVenger Heartbeat
FairVenger Machine Rattle
FairVenger Night
FairVenger Oiseau2
FairVenger People
FairVenger Pigs
FairVenger Pour
FairVenger Puma
FairVenger Record 1
FairVenger Record2
FairVenger Record3
FairVenger Record4
FairVenger Record5
FairVenger Riser Synth
FairVenger Rooster
FairVenger SampHold
FairVenger Seal
FairVenger Shatter
FairVenger Siren
FairVenger Smash
FairVenger Spoon
FairVenger Sword
FairVenger WaterPhone
FairVenger Whoop
FairVenger Wind
FairVenger _Fx Set Animals
FairVenger _Fx Set Birds
FairVenger _Fx Set Cartoon
FairVenger _Fx Set Digital
FairVenger _Fx Set Film
FairVenger _Fx Set Noises
FairVenger _Fx Set People
FairVenger _Fx Set SciFi
FairVenger _Fx Set Space
FairVenger _Fx Set Transport

Fx addon 1
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio1
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio2
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio3
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio4
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio5
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio6
FairVenger Noise Combat Radio7
FairVenger Noise computer
FairVenger Noise Plane
FairVenger Noise Plane2
FairVenger _Fx Set Cartoon 2
FairVenger _Fx Set Scifi2
FairVenger _Fx Set Scratch1
FairVenger _Fx Set Scratch2
FairVenger _Fx Set Scratch3

FairVenger 12 Guitar
FairVenger Banjo
FairVenger Classic Guitar
FairVenger DirtGtr Sus
FairVenger DirtGtr
FairVenger Dirty Guitar
FairVenger Distorted Guitar
FairVenger FlangeGuit
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar 1
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar 2
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar 3
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar 4
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar Scream
FairVenger Fuzz Guitar
FairVenger FuzzGtr
FairVenger FuzzGtr1
FairVenger FuzzGtr2
FairVenger Fx Fuzz Guitar Fall 1
FairVenger Fx Fuzz Guitar Fall 2
FairVenger Fx Guitar Repeater
FairVenger Fx Guitar Wailin
FairVenger Fx Saltup Guitar
FairVenger Gtaraa
FairVenger Gtr
FairVenger Gtr1
FairVenger Gtr2
FairVenger Gtr3
FairVenger Guitar Strings
FairVenger Guitar1
FairVenger Guitar2
FairVenger Guitar3
FairVenger Mess
FairVenger Mute Guitar 1
FairVenger Mute Guitar 2
FairVenger Mute Guitar 3
FairVenger Mute Guitar 4
FairVenger Phantasy Guitar
FairVenger Strat Flanger Guitar 2
FairVenger Strat Flanger Guitar
FairVenger Strat Guitar
FairVenger Strat Mute Guitar

FairVenger Famous Hit - Japan
FairVenger Famous Hit - Orch2
FairVenger Famous Hit - Tibet
FairVenger OrchFz1
FairVenger Synth Hit1
FairVenger Synth Hit2
FairVenger Synth Hit3

Hits addon 1
FairVenger - Famous Hit - Bond
FairVenger - Famous Hit - MJ
FairVenger - Famous Hit - People
FairVenger - Famous Hit - TREVOR Owner
FairVenger - Famous Hit - TREVOR
FairVenger Brass Hit1
FairVenger Brass Hit10
FairVenger Brass Hit11
FairVenger Brass Hit12
FairVenger Brass Hit13
FairVenger Brass Hit14
FairVenger Brass Hit15
FairVenger Brass Hit16
FairVenger Brass Hit2
FairVenger Brass Hit3
FairVenger Brass Hit4
FairVenger Brass Hit5
FairVenger Brass Hit6
FairVenger Brass Hit7
FairVenger Brass Hit8
FairVenger Brass Hit9
FairVenger Hit1
FairVenger Hit10
FairVenger Hit11
FairVenger Hit12
FairVenger Hit13
FairVenger Hit14
FairVenger Hit16
FairVenger Hit17
FairVenger Hit18
FairVenger Hit19
FairVenger Hit2
FairVenger Hit20
FairVenger Hit21
FairVenger Hit22
FairVenger Hit23
FairVenger Hit24
FairVenger Hit25
FairVenger Hit27
FairVenger Hit28
FairVenger Hit29
FairVenger Hit3
FairVenger Hit30
FairVenger Hit31
FairVenger Hit32
FairVenger Hit33
FairVenger Hit34
FairVenger Hit35
FairVenger Hit36
FairVenger Hit37
FairVenger Hit38
FairVenger Hit39
FairVenger Hit4
FairVenger Hit40
FairVenger Hit41
FairVenger Hit42
FairVenger Hit43
FairVenger Hit44
FairVenger Hit45
FairVenger Hit46
FairVenger Hit47
FairVenger Hit48
FairVenger Hit49
FairVenger Hit5
FairVenger Hit50
FairVenger Hit51
FairVenger Hit52
FairVenger Hit53
FairVenger Hit6
FairVenger Hit7
FairVenger Hit8
FairVenger Hit9

Loops addon 1
FairVenger African Loop 2
FairVenger African Loop
FairVenger Owner Loop

FairVenger 8th Organ
FairVenger Church Major
FairVenger Church Organ
FairVenger Church Pipe 1
FairVenger Church Pipe 2
FairVenger Church
FairVenger Electric Organ 2
FairVenger Electric Organ
FairVenger Flute Organ
FairVenger Full Drawbars
FairVenger GS1 Hammond V
FairVenger GS1 Hammond1
FairVenger GS1 Hammond2
FairVenger GS1 Hammond3
FairVenger GS1 Organ
FairVenger Harmonium
FairVenger Leslie
FairVenger Melodium
FairVenger Organ
FairVenger Percussion Org
FairVenger Spitter
FairVenger Toy Organ

Pads addon 2
FairVenger String Machinery

Piano & Keys
FairVenger Bell Piano
FairVenger Clav
FairVenger Clav2
FairVenger ElecToy
FairVenger Harpsi
FairVenger Honkey
FairVenger mClav
FairVenger mClav2
FairVenger mDeeYaw1
FairVenger mDeeYaw2
FairVenger PhasePiano
FairVenger Piano 1
FairVenger Piano 2
FairVenger Piano 3
FairVenger Piano 4
FairVenger Piano 5
FairVenger Piano Hi
FairVenger PianoSynth
FairVenger Rhodes1
FairVenger Rhodes4
FairVenger Toy Piano
FairVenger Wurli

FairVenger Banjo
FairVenger Bazouki Strum
FairVenger Bazouki
FairVenger HarpAngel Down
FairVenger HarpAngel Up
FairVenger HarpAngel
FairVenger Koto 2
FairVenger Koto Bend
FairVenger Koto Strum
FairVenger Koto
FairVenger Sitar
FairVenger Zither 2
FairVenger Zither

FairVenger BIGSTRN1
FairVenger BIGSTRN2
FairVenger BobStrings
FairVenger BowCello
FairVenger CELLO1
FairVenger CELLO2
FairVenger CELLO3
FairVenger Chamber Violins
FairVenger LOSTAB1
FairVenger Low Strings 1
FairVenger Low Strings 2
FairVenger LOWSTR1
FairVenger LOWSTR2
FairVenger LOWSTR3
FairVenger LOWSTR4
FairVenger LOWSTR5
FairVenger LOWSTR6
FairVenger LOWSTR7
FairVenger NewViolins
FairVenger PizTwang
FairVenger Sfzan1
FairVenger Solo Cello Bowd
FairVenger Solo Cello
FairVenger Solo Violin 1
FairVenger Solo Violin 2
FairVenger Solo Violin 3
FairVenger Solo Violin 4
FairVenger Strings Mid
FairVenger Strings Hi Sustain
FairVenger Strings Sustain
FairVenger Synth Ens
FairVenger Violin Attack
FairVenger Violins Hi 2
FairVenger Violins Hi
FairVenger Violins Mid

FairVenger A1 fm synth
FairVenger ArrBass
FairVenger BassOrg
FairVenger BassRick
FairVenger Bassynth
FairVenger BelfastStr
FairVenger Blat synth
FairVenger Blop
FairVenger Cheng
FairVenger Cylon
FairVenger DouWoum
FairVenger Enharm
FairVenger Ensemble Synth
FairVenger Grose
FairVenger Harmy4
FairVenger JPB
FairVenger mDootWa
FairVenger Meta
FairVenger mSawToof
FairVenger mWa
FairVenger Nyeng
FairVenger OB seq
FairVenger OscSynth
FairVenger PolyMoog
FairVenger Robobleep
FairVenger Robotter
FairVenger Saturn5
FairVenger Spacy
FairVenger tEnsembl
FairVenger Theremin
FairVenger tSquare1
FairVenger Wa
FairVenger Wash2
FairVenger Whistle
FairVenger WirePWM
FairVenger Zow1

VoiceFX addon 2
FairVenger Awaw
FairVenger Djudjudju
FairVenger DohwDohw
FairVenger DohwDohw2
FairVenger Gugatjegu Train
FairVenger Gugu
FairVenger Gugu2
FairVenger Haaaaagrrr
FairVenger Hissss
FairVenger HuHa
FairVenger HuHuh
FairVenger Kedjutju Train
FairVenger Kitty Miamow
FairVenger Kitty Stern
FairVenger Oeh
FairVenger Pad Sven Click
FairVenger Pewpuh
FairVenger Spookske
FairVenger Taramdam
FairVenger Tja
FairVenger Tjaha
FairVenger Tjahaha
FairVenger Tjuha
FairVenger Tjutu
FairVenger Tsutsu Train
FairVenger Uhah

FairVenger AH2
FairVenger Ahh1 Choir
FairVenger Ahh1
FairVenger Alto1
FairVenger Alto2
FairVenger Bass1 Choir 2
FairVenger Bass1
FairVenger Bass2 Choir
FairVenger BUCCHI
FairVenger DO
FairVenger LA - Bah
FairVenger La Choir
FairVenger LAUGH
FairVenger LOW AHH
FairVenger Mmm Choir
FairVenger MMM
FairVenger MOAN - Oah
FairVenger Neah
FairVenger Oohh
FairVenger Oohhi Choir
FairVenger PIZZLOW1
FairVenger PIZZLOW2
FairVenger SarArr1 Pad
FairVenger SarArr1 Pure
FairVenger SARRAR1
FairVenger Scream5
FairVenger SOPEEE iee
FairVenger Soprahi7
FairVenger Soprahi8
FairVenger TOMBASS
FairVenger TOOOO
FairVenger VOX
FairVenger VOX1 - hey
FairVenger WHIST2
FairVenger WHIST5
FairVenger Xom

Voices addon 2
FairVenger Pad Spookske 1
FairVenger Pad Spookske Slow
FairVenger Pad Stern Ahh
FairVenger Pad Sue Ahh
FairVenger Pad Sue Eee
FairVenger Pad Sue Ieee
FairVenger Pad Sue Ohh
FairVenger Pad Sue Uuh
FairVenger Pad Sven Aah Slow 2
FairVenger Pad Sven Aah Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Aah
FairVenger Pad Sven Haa Pitched
FairVenger Pad Sven Haa Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Haaa2
FairVenger Pad Sven Hooo Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Hooo
FairVenger Pad Sven Hounds Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Hounds
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee 2 Phaser
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee 2 Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee 2
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee 3 Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Ieee
FairVenger Pad Sven Mhu Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Mhu
FairVenger Pad Sven Oooh Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Oooh
FairVenger Pad Sven Uuuh Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Uuuh
FairVenger Pad Sven Zha Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Zha Slow2
FairVenger Pad Sven Zha
FairVenger Pad Sven Zha2
FairVenger Pad Sven Zhuuu Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Zhuuu
FairVenger Pad Sven Zzzzz Slow
FairVenger Pad Sven Zzzzz
FairVenger Porn-Ah
FairVenger Porn-Oh

Wind & Reed
FairVenger Alto
FairVenger Bari
FairVenger Bassoon
FairVenger Bassoone
FairVenger Clar2
FairVenger ClarHi
FairVenger Clarinet Bass 2
FairVenger Clarinet Bass
FairVenger Clarinet
FairVenger Clarinette Hi
FairVenger Clarinette Mid 2
FairVenger Clarinette Mid
FairVenger DelClar3
FairVenger Digdoo
FairVenger FltCf
FairVenger Flte
FairVenger FltHi
FairVenger Flute
FairVenger Flute3
FairVenger FluteHarp
FairVenger Harp
FairVenger Harp2
FairVenger MeloHorn
FairVenger MOUTHO2
FairVenger NayPro
FairVenger Oboe 1
FairVenger Oboe 2
FairVenger Ocarina
FairVenger Ooo
FairVenger SaMax
FairVenger Sax Airy Tenor 2
FairVenger Sax Airy Tenor
FairVenger Sax Alt
FairVenger Sax Alt2
FairVenger Sax Alt3
FairVenger Sax Bari
FairVenger Sax Bari1
FairVenger Sax Bari2
FairVenger Sax Bari3
FairVenger Sax Del
FairVenger Sax Sopraan
FairVenger Sax Soprane
FairVenger Sax Tenor 2
FairVenger Sax Tenor
FairVenger Saxy
FairVenger Saxz
FairVenger SopSax
FairVenger Swanee
FairVenger TnSax
FairVenger WineGlas

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