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What's better than the factory presets?

The best of the factory presets, ordered with prefixes ! 

That's right, you can download the whole content here, sorted out for you, for free.

A category list prefix, renamed all the voices and alphabetical sort, very handy to have a quick selection!

  • A- Arpeggios
  • B- Brass
  • b/ Bass
  • C- Choir, Choral, Bells
  • D- drums
  • F- Fx
  • G- Grunge or Guitars (since we do have some very biting sounds)
  • K- keys, piano, clavi, synth
  • L- Lead synth
  • O- Organs
  • P- Pad synth
  • p/ Percussion
  • S- Strings
  • s/ synth
  • x-IO connection FX

( - and / is used because the capitals are not recognised by the synth.)

Register and order for free.

Download for free but feel free to Paypal me a beer ;-)

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