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God'yn on Stage

For those playing in a coverband outside Belgium ;-), I released my live performances. This collection of combi performances give you the ultimate experience on stage.

This set works only with the GM Deluxe collection. So it is dillivered with it.

Some featuring performances

  • Bed's are Burning
  • The Look
  • Still Got the Blues
  • Leave your hat on
  • other standard programs...

This set contains all the previous sets:

  • God'yn Grand v2
  • Jump suite
  • Lord of the Scene
  • V-Guitar
  • and other custom made voices

Voice Index/Overview

Number Category Name Type Elements

I1-001 (A01) Pf God'ynGrndv2 AWM 2

I1-002 (A02) Pf God'ynGrnd20 AWM 2

I1-003 (A03) Pf God'ynGrnd21 AWM 2

I1-004 (A04) Pf God'ynGrnd22 AWM 2

I1-005 (A05) Pf LeGRAND AWM 2

I1-006 (A06) Pf ReverseGrand AWM 1

I1-007 (A07) Pf DX HardTiner AWM 3

I1-008 (A08) Pf DX Atacky AWM 3

I1-009 (A09) Pf PHIL C. CP70 AWM 4

I1-010 (A10) Pf Ring Mod EP2 FDSP 2

I1-011 (A11) Pf Summer o'69 AWM 4

I1-012 (A12) -- ---empty--- AWM 0

I1-013 (A13) Br GladiatorsII AWM 4

I1-014 (A14) Br 1984 OB-X AWM 4

I1-015 (A15) Br Jump OB-Xa AWM 2

I1-016 (A16) Br Jump OB-Xb AWM 2

I1-017 (B01) St OB-X Strings AWM 2

I1-018 (B02) St StillGotBlue AWM 4

I1-019 (B03) St l'Ensemble AWM 2

I1-020 (B04) St StillGotBlue AWM 4

I1-021 (B05) St No.9 Strings AWM 2

I1-022 (B06) St Phasensembl AWM 4

I1-023 (B07) St Obi~Lunar AWM 2

I1-024 (B08) St Obi~Oktav AWM 2

I1-025 (B09) Co Big Orch AWM 4

I1-026 (B10) Ld Mean Lead AN+FDSP 2

I1-027 (B11) Ld Pro Lead AN(Poly)+AWM 1

I1-028 (B12) Ld YesSolo AN(Layer)+AWM 2

I1-029 (B13) Ld S Pphatt! AN(Layer)+AWM 2

I1-030 (B14) Ld Sync Lead 1 AN(Poly)+AWM 1

I1-031 (B15) Ld Theremin AN(Layer)+AWM 1

I1-032 (B16) Ld Dist7th Lead AN(Layer)+AWM 1

I1-033 (C01) Ld SyncLeed Raw AN(Poly)+AWM 1

I1-034 (C02) Ld Alf's Lead AWM 1

I1-035 (C03) Ld Fat Hook AWM 3

I1-036 (C04) Ld Rap Whistle AN(Layer)+AWM 1

I1-037 (C05) Ld Zenith Lead AN(Layer)+AWM 1

I1-038 (C06) Ld Sync Lead 2 AN(Layer)+AWM 2

I1-039 (C07) Ld Sweet Pulse AN(Poly)+AWM 1

I1-040 (C08) Gt Dirty Tremlo FDSP 1

I1-041 (C09) Gt V-Gitr:Blue FDSP 2

I1-042 (C10) Gt V-Gitr:Tube2 FDSP 3

I1-043 (C11) Gt BlueLead awm AWM 1

I1-044 (C12) Gt Muted Radio AWM 1

I1-045 (C13) Gt SteelHrmncSt AWM 4

I1-046 (C14) Gt Silvertone AWM 2

I1-047 (C15) Br Full Brass AWM 2

I1-048 (C16) Br FullBrasssss AWM 2

I1-049 (D01) Br BrassSection AWM 4

I1-050 (D02) Br TaylorDayne AWM 4

I1-051 (D03) Br CS80 Brass AWM 2

I1-052 (D04) Or XB2 Rock AWM 4

I1-053 (D05) Rd Mouth KeysBC VL+AWM 1

I1-054 (D06) Or Purpl'Child AWM 4

I1-055 (D07) Or Purpl'Heep1 AWM 4

I1-056 (D08) Rd Tennor SaxBC VL+AWM 1

I1-057 (D09) Rd Alto Sax BC VL+AWM 1

I1-058 (D10) Or Fullx3 AWM 3

I1-059 (D11) Or Purpl'Heep2 AWM 4

I1-060 (D12) Or Purpl'Heep AWM 4

I1-061 (D13) Gt WithYou FB AWM 4

I1-062 (D14) Br Sk8er AWM 2

I1-063 (D15) Or Purpl'Heep AWM 4

I1-064 (D16) Gt V-Gitr:Combo FDSP 3

I1-065 (E01) Gt V-Gitr:Flat1 FDSP 3

I1-066 (E02) Gt V-Gitr:Combo FDSP 3

I1-067 (E03) Sq BigArpeggio AWM 3

I1-068 (E04) Sc Popular Syn FDSP 2

I1-069 (E05) Pf EP:DX7glass AWM 2

I1-070 (E06) Gt V-Gitr:Ax1 FDSP 2

I1-071 (E07) Sc Strangg'e FDSP 4

I1-072 (E08) Sc S

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