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This suite collects the Jump Voice and Performance for the EX5. I also added a new Brass Patch which sounds more like on the real OB-Xa: Jump OB-Xb. In Performance mode you can play the Jump voice on the EX and via MIDI channel 2 the strings via an other keyboard.

The 1.1 version adds some modifications to the filter and playing style.

Please add your comments at EX5tech topic or our Guestbook.

Muchos Gracias to Da'Cook for creating the EX.Factory - See the Jump_suite.html file.

I1-001 (A01) Br:Jump OB-Xa
This is the original Jump patch.
"The Jump sound from Van Halen. It was made with an 
OB-Xa. What I really like about the sound is that is bites 
right through everything. Crispy filter. And very powerful, 
short sound. This version is created for live use. On stage it moves The Crowd ;-) (I play in a band named The Crowd)
There's allot of effects, just what you need on stage to 
make an impressive sound. For studio use you might 
want to lower the effects."

I1-002 (A02) Br Jump OB-Xb
This is the second Jump patch which is more realistic,
but in my opinion not so great for live use.
Super great for studio stuff ! And it does bite !

I1-003 (A03) Br 1984 OB-X (Bonus patch)
This patch is created by Wiredog in addition of the Jump OB-Xa voice. "1984". Slow "strings" in the top with low resonant swell in the bottom.
Wiredog:"I've modified God'yn's "Jump"patch. I copied his 1&2 elements into 3&4, and zoned up a "split" keyboard between them."

I1-004 (A04) St OB-X Strings (Bonus patch)
These are extracted from the 1984 OB-X patch from Wiredog.

001 (A01) -- Jump multi
In Performance mode you can play the Jump voice on the EX and via MIDI channel 2 the strings via an other keyboard. Don't forget to push the 'song' button to get all the channels playing !

Hear the original Jump sound played on an OB-X
Compare with the Jump Suite:

  • I1-001 (A01) Br:Jump OB-Xa
  • I1-002 (A02) Br Jump OB-Xb
  • I1-004 (A04) St OB-X Strings
  • I1-004 (A04) St OB-X Strings

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