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A new version of the God'yn Grand. The previous version was over equalised. I tried to make a standard version for all different uses. I use this piano live on stage. And that's how you should look at it. A decent stage piano. It has stereo left-right panning along with the keys. This comes better on a stage than a layered version. (lesser chorus effects). I also tried this one out with different classical midi files. A had several versions of the God'yn Grand and perfectioned this one until it sounded right.


  • No need for FX with EQ. This lady sounds great without.
  • Low velocity plays shorter now
  • Random stereo high attacks. A real piano has a great stereo due to the harmonics. Unfortunately this is not possible, nor with stereo panning. The attacks simulate a stereo field.
  • Better dynamics. playing 'piano' differs lots from playing 'forte'
  • MW1 controls damper (assign to external damper)



  • I1-001 (A01) Pf God'ynGrndv2
  • I1-002 (A02) Pf God'ynGrnv21 : Warmer version

Bonus files

  • I1-003 (A03) Pf Godn LeGRAND : God'yn Grand version from the GM set
  • I1-004 (A04) Pf Godn LeBRITE : God'yn Grand bright version from the GM set
  • I1-005 (A05) Pf ReverseGrand : God'yn Grand reverse fx

Try the piano with the demo file included:
Beethoven Sonata No. 23 F minor, Op. 57 (Appassionata)

Mp3 demo: God'yn Grand - Le Grand

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