Avenger - AC Legends: PROPHET - Presets expansion

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Analogue Classics Legends: PROPHET

Vps Avenger expansion with Retrovenger skin

From funkylicious to poppy to dance. This expansion has you covered with  a special collection of analog sounds for your projects.

Inspired by legendary synths, we've recreated the most typical and authentic analog sounds from Prophet.

We started by selecting the best presets for the Prophet from original sounds and plugin resources and so created a library full of the most wanted sounds.  Keeping the original characteristics of the synth, even with detuning and analog drift. We even faithfully added the original Prophet factory presets So you'll get luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses,... all on the modern synth Avenger. Perfect for electro, dance and all kinda retro music.  Best of all, it comes with the vintage skin ProVenger and a selection of famous sounds.

If you're looking for an analog synth for Avenger, this is your expansion !

The Prophet: One of the first fully programmable polyphonic analog synths, and is the most classic synthesizer of the eighties! It is capable of a delightful analog sound unique to Sequential's Prophet series in which the P5 was King! Five voice polyphony - two oscillators per voice and a white noise generator. The analog filters, envelope and LFO all sound great and are extremely flexible. The P5 had patch memory storage as well, which scanned and memorized every knob setting for storing and recalling your sounds - a desperately needed feature at the time!

Sound demo's thanks to Simone Bresciani www.simonebresciani.com  and Pekka Savilampi

Analogue Classics Legends: Prophet

inspired VPS Avenger synth Expansion

  • Starting with 230 presets , pure emulated VA sound , no sampling, except for the drums.
  • Old vintage sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger. With detuning and analog drift.
  • the Prophet5 factory presets  recreated: We've added 40 factory presets from the original Prophet5 
  • Making use of the new Avenger Analog Filters
  • +Bonus presets from the Analogue Classics Legends Expansions
  • +Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)
  • A total of 268 presets pure unique analog sounds! 
  • Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave, new wave, electro, ...
  • Macro's, aftertouch and mod wheel assigned presets
  • Included PROVENGER skin !
  • See the specifications tab here on top
    for the installation details and preset list

We compared with the original stuff ! 

No need to buy 20 emulations plugins !
We've got our inspiration from existing synth and emulation plugins and recreated the iconic vintage sounds. 

  • No samplingall waveforms and FX by the Avenger synth engine
  • No gigabytes of diskspace and minutes of loading times needed
  • No CPU hogs !
  • Compared and inspired by many other existing plugins and original presets.
  • We cached the spirit of the sounds

Check our demo's

    Thanks to our demo producers who marvelously catched the feel. 



    • +38 Bonus presets from our Avenger Analogue Classics Legends collection

    FREE SKIN coupon included 

    • Get any skin for free with your next expansion from our shop. (1 skin per order, coupon only valid 1 time)

    FAMOUS SOUNDS  included

    • We now included several Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)
      • Everybody wants to Rule (Tears for Fears),
      • Valerie (Steve Winwood).
      • Living it up (Level 42),
      • 99 Luftballons (Nena),
      • Africa (Toto),
      • Nikita (Elton John),
      • Thriller (Michael Jackson),
      • True (Spandau Ballet),
      • Daft Punk, Pink Floyd,...


    Wanna try it out? Register and get your FREE PRESETS 

    1. First register here or login
    2. Then download our free presets here

    More Analogue Classics expansions coming up!

    We have you covered with expansions of ARP, KORG, MOOG, OBERHEIM, ROLAND, PROPHET, YAMAHA, OB,...

    Check out this demo by bLiNd - Jordan Aguirre - http://www.blindedm.com 


    Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5 and higher
    Format ZIPPED .avengercontent file
    Install instructions Installing the presets:
    1. First UNZIP the file.
    2. DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger browser library, It will start installing.
    3. DONE, enjoy your presets.

    Install video: http://www.encountersmedia.be/How-to-install-Avenger-skins-and-expansions

    Preset List


    #PROPHET template A.avgr

    BA #FAM Everybody Bass.avgr
    BA #FAM Stevie's Valerie Bass.avgr
    BA PROPHET 70s Retro.avgr
    BA PROPHET BassHi.avgr
    BA PROPHET ContraBassing.avgr
    BA PROPHET Drone.avgr
    BA PROPHET Electrobass.avgr
    BA PROPHET Funk Uni Bass.avgr
    BA PROPHET Funkalizer.avgr
    BA PROPHET FunkDuck.avgr
    BA PROPHET FunkGlider.avgr
    BA PROPHET FunkinBertaBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET FunkyFart.avgr
    BA PROPHET Fuzzier.avgr
    BA PROPHET Jumper.avgr
    BA PROPHET OldNoiseBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET Oldy.avgr
    BA PROPHET PopBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET ResoThump.avgr
    BA PROPHET SimpleSawBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET SimpleSQRBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET Stereo Bass.avgr
    BA PROPHET SyncBass A.avgr
    BA PROPHET SyncBass B.avgr
    BA PROPHET SyncPercBass.avgr
    BA PROPHET Thump.avgr

    Bells & Pluck
    BE PRO Overtones.avgr
    BE PRO Resobell.avgr
    BE PRO Ringbells.avgr
    BE PRO Short bells.avgr
    PL #FAM Level Living it up Pluck.avgr
    PL #FAM Rule The World Harp.avgr
    PL PRO Hammerfall.avgr
    PL PRO Harpics.avgr
    PL PRO MutedGuit.avgr
    PL PRO Shinpanse.avgr
    PL PRO Widelayers.avgr
    PL PRO WoodyBells.avgr

    BR #FAM 99 Nena Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM 99 Nena Brass2.avgr
    BR #FAM Africa Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM Level Living it up Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM Nikita Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM Rule The World.avgr
    BR #FAM Stevie's Valerie Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM Thriller Brass.avgr
    BR #FAM True Brass.avgr
    BR PRO Aubergin Brass.avgr
    BR PRO Brass in 5th.avgr
    BR PRO BusyBrass.avgr
    BR PRO DuoBrass.avgr
    BR PRO FilmicBrass.avgr
    BR PRO Hard Brass.avgr
    BR PRO PenBrass.avgr
    BR PRO ResoBrass.avgr
    BR PRO Ruling Brass.avgr
    BR PRO SyncBrass.avgr
    BR PRO Syncope Brass.avgr
    BR PRO SyncSynHorn.avgr
    BR PRO SynHorn.avgr
    BR PRO SynHornDuo.avgr
    BR PRO Thumb Brass.avgr
    BR PRO Tototo Brass.avgr
    BR PRO Trembly7 Brass.avgr
    BR PRO WoodyBrassy.avgr

    DR Attack Noise.avgr
    DR Claps.avgr
    DR Elecfence.avgr
    DR Noise Blasts.avgr
    DR Noisy.avgr
    DR OddyKick.avgr
    DR Snap.avgr
    DR Spring.avgr
    DR Taiko Analog.avgr

    FX PRO Distress Signal.avgr
    FX PRO Downer.avgr
    FX PRO Ellefoosync.avgr
    FX PRO High Current.avgr
    FX PRO High Current2.avgr
    FX PRO HiZapper.avgr
    FX PRO LFO Downer.avgr
    FX PRO Ring Shoot.avgr
    FX PRO SpaceCrickets.avgr
    FX PRO They're There.avgr
    FX PRO Wheel me.avgr

    LD #FAM PRO Daft Sync.avgr
    LD #FAM PROPHET Pink Floyd Sync.avgr
    LD PRO Brat.avgr
    LD PRO CoolDown Lead.avgr
    LD PRO Dirty Polysync A.avgr
    LD PRO Dirty Polysync B.avgr
    LD PRO Dronelead.avgr
    LD PRO Father Fogger.avgr
    LD PRO Loud Girl.avgr
    LD PRO Lower Synth.avgr
    LD PRO Luckylead.avgr
    LD PRO Monstery.avgr
    LD PRO PipesLead.avgr
    LD PRO Spartacus.avgr
    LD PRO Strider.avgr
    LD PRO Syncforce.avgr
    LD PRO Zenithal Lead.avgr
    LD PROPHET BusyLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Cat.avgr
    LD PROPHET CleanUniLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET EdgeLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Psychic.avgr
    LD PROPHET RazorSaw.avgr
    LD PROPHET SanctusLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET SeventiesLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Softlead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Spiritlead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Spiritlead2.avgr
    LD PROPHET SyncSquare.avgr

    Organ & Reed
    OR PRO Cathedral Synth.avgr
    OR PRO Church Synth.avgr
    OR PRO GlassOrgan.avgr
    OR PRO Percussive Orry.avgr
    OR PRO PWMOrgan.avgr
    RD PRO Accordeon.avgr
    RD PRO Hobolead.avgr
    RD PRO MouthHarpsy.avgr

    PN #FAM PRO Rule the World Piano.avgr
    PN PRO Piano.avgr
    PN PRO PlasticPiano.avgr
    PN PROPHET Grand.avgr
    PN PROPHET Grand2.avgr
    PN PROPHET Grand3.avgr
    PN PROPHET Metal Piano.avgr

    Strings & Pads
    PD PRO FiverPad.avgr
    PD PRO LaunchingSynth.avgr
    PD PRO LFO Pulser Reso.avgr
    PD PRO LFO Pulser.avgr
    PD PRO Lunar Catastrophe.avgr
    PD PRO NjawPad.avgr
    PD PRO OldSweep.avgr
    PD PRO Prophet FatPad.avgr
    PD PRO SlowSyncPad.avgr
    PD PRO SpaceSuspension.avgr
    PD PRO Waterlady.avgr
    PD PROPHET Backward.avgr
    PD PROPHET Dry Eclipse.avgr
    PD PROPHET Timeshifts Pad.avgr
    ST #FAM 99 Nena Strings.avgr
    ST PRO Classical Strings Hi.avgr
    ST PRO Classical Strings Lo.avgr
    ST PRO Deep Sky.avgr
    ST PRO Dusk Pad.avgr
    ST PRO FaithStrings.avgr
    ST PRO Marcato.avgr
    ST PRO Prayer Strings.avgr
    ST PRO Prophet WarmStr.avgr
    ST PRO SquareStrings.avgr
    ST PRO Sweeping Willy.avgr
    ST PRO Thriller Scene.avgr
    ST PROPHET FifthCircle.avgr
    ST PROPHET Flowmotion.avgr
    ST PROPHET Noir Strings.avgr

    Synth & Keys
    KB PRO Asian WorldKeys.avgr
    KB PRO Bellkeys.avgr
    KB PRO Disagree Synth.avgr
    KB PRO DrillSynth.avgr
    KB PRO Hi Blivion.avgr
    KB PRO ResoKeys.avgr
    KB PRO RitmicKeys DOWN.avgr
    KB PRO RitmicKeys UP.avgr
    KB PRO SnH Babbler.avgr
    KB PRO Tempramental.avgr
    KB PROPHET SpectralLead.avgr
    SY #FAM Rule The World.avgr
    SY PRO CHIPS 5 lead.avgr
    SY PRO FineSynth.avgr
    SY PRO Ghostery.avgr
    SY PRO KittyKat.avgr
    SY PROPHET Escape.avgr
    SY PROPHET Gates.avgr
    SY PROPHET LoveKeys.avgr

    VX #FAM PRO Rule the World Choir.avgr
    VX #FAM Rule The World.avgr
    VX PRO Reed Voice.avgr
    VX PRO-VS Choir Whas.avgr
    VX PRO-VS Choiring.avgr

    BA ARP Oddy FMBass.avgr
    BR ARP OddyBrass Fat.avgr
    DR ARP Snap.avgr
    LD ARP 2600 NoiseLead.avgr
    LD ARP OddyThereminer.avgr

    FairVenger _DR-Set10 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set12 CMI IIIx ROCK dry.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set15 CMI IIIx CAMEO.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set17 CMI IIIx INDUSTRIAL2.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set2 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set3 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set4 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set7 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set8 CMI IIx.avgr

    ARP KORG Poly Upper.avgr
    BR KORG Poly OrchHorn.avgr
    LD KORG Le Frog.avgr
    LD KORG Old 70s MS.avgr
    LD KORG Poly Sweep Saw .avgr

    BA MOOG Funky Glide.avgr
    BA MOOG MeanMoog.avgr
    BA MOOG PWM Bass.avgr
    LD MOOG Major Club.avgr
    LD MOOG Prodigidity.avgr

    BR OB ObeyBrass.avgr
    BR OB Sequencials.avgr
    LD OB SyncSine.avgr
    LD OB YouSync.avgr
    PD OB Obieepad.avgr

    BA JUPITER Bass Action.avgr
    BA RO Junow Bass PWM.avgr
    GT ROLAND Juno AcGuitar.avgr
    LD RO Vintage Soul.avgr
    OR RO Junow Organ.avgr

    LD YAM CS-Chariots Lead.avgr
    LD YAM Ringleader.avgr
    PD YAM CS-5 Circles.avgr
    PD YAM CS-Bladerunner.avgr
    PD YAM Lonely Soul Pad.avgr

    Chris 28/03/2020

    Who ever programmed those presets: great great job, one of the best synth presets expansions I ever bought.
    If you own the Avenger, then get this, really good stuff. Punchy, fat, analog sounds.

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