ANALOGUE CLASSICS - VPS Avenger Presets expansion

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alogue Classics:
Legendary Analog Synths

Vps Avenger expansion with Retrovenger skin

Inspired by legendary synths, we've recreated the most typical and authentic analog sounds from Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Prophet, Yamaha and others.

135 presets + 43 Bonus presets from the Analogue Legends Expansions.

A total of 178 presets unique analog sounds! Pure emulated VA, no sampling, except the drums.

Old retro sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger. Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave,...

And the best of all, on top of that it comes with the vintage skin RetroVenger !

Analogue Classics, a VPS Avenger Expansion

  • Starting with 135 presets, pure emulated VA sound, no sampling, except the drums.
  • Old vintage sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger.
  • +43 Bonus presets from the Signature Expansions
  • Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave,...
  • A total of 178 presets pure unique analog sounds!
  • Included RETROVENGER skin !
  • See the specifications for the installation details and preset list.

Listen to our demo's


We compared with the original stuff ! 

No need to buy 20 emulations!
We've got our inspiration from existing synth and emulation plugins and tried to recreate the iconic vintage sounds. 

  • No samplingall waveforms and FX by Avenger
  • No gigabytes of diskspace and minutes of loading times needed
  • Compared and inspired by many other existing plugins and original presets.
  • We tried to catch the spirit of the sounds
Here are some comparisons.

More Analogue Classics expansions coming up.

We have you covered with expansions of ARP, KORG, MOOG, OBERHEIM, ROLAND, PROPHET, YAMAHA.

Check out this demo by bLiNd - Jordan Aguirre - 

Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.3.6 and higher
Format ZIPPED .avengercontent file
Install instructions Installing the presets:
1. First UNZIP the file.
2. DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger browser library, It will start installing.
3. DONE, enjoy your presets.

Install video:

Preset List

Arp & Chords
ARP Analogtheme.avgr
ARP Brass Melody 4.avgr
ARP Chinese Song.avgr
ARP FlangerRun.avgr
ARP MOOG Run.avgr
ARP Newwave.avgr
ARP Waves.avgr
CH 90s Stack 5th.avgr
CH 90s Stack 7th.avgr
CH Partychord A.avgr
CH Partychord B.avgr

BA 7th Bass.avgr
BA 80s Perc Bass.avgr
BA Atlantic.avgr
BA Da Man.avgr
BA Da Wo Man.avgr
BA Disco Bass.avgr
BA Funk Bass.avgr
BA Hollow Bass.avgr
BA Sharp.avgr
BA Synthi bass.avgr
BA Wobblyb.avgr

BE Bellic Echos.avgr
BE Metallic Hits.avgr
BE Short Bells.avgr

BR Analog Dry Brass.avgr
BR Analog SynBrass.avgr
BR Blazoon Solo.avgr
BR Blazoon.avgr
BR BrassTime.avgr
BR Jupiter Fat.avgr
BR Scary Fat Octaver.avgr
BR Solo Horn.avgr
BR Solo Moogbrass.avgr
BR SympaHorn.avgr
BR Warm Brass.avgr

DR Kit CR.avgr
DR Kit CR2.avgr
DR Kit CR3.avgr
DR Kit ELKA Drumstar.avgr
DR Kit EMU SP12.avgr
DR Kit KORG Minipops.avgr
DR Kit MOOG Modular.avgr
DR Kit OB DMX 1.avgr
DR Kit Vermona.avgr
DR Kit Wurlitzer.avgr

DR Attack Noise.avgr
DR Noise Blasts.avgr
DR Noisy.avgr
DR Taiko Analog.avgr

FX Bad bad badder.avgr
FX Big LFO.avgr
FX Big Zapper.avgr
FX Blast FX dist.avgr
FX Blast FX dist2.avgr
FX Blast FX low.avgr
FX Blast FX mono.avgr
FX Blast FX ring.avgr
FX Blast FX Vib speed.avgr
FX Blast FX Vib.avgr
FX Fweeet.avgr
FX Slide in.avgr
FX Slow Bell 1.avgr
FX Slow Bell 3.avgr
FX Slow Bell.avgr
FX Start up.avgr

LD 70s Solo.avgr
LD 70s Voyager SQR3.avgr
LD 7th Chiller.avgr
LD 80s Perc Lead.avgr
LD Digi Lead.avgr
LD Dirty Man.avgr
LD Dwarves.avgr
LD Emylead.avgr
LD Hoover Sqr.avgr
LD Lead Singer.avgr
LD Painful Saw2.avgr
LD Square-it.avgr
LD Vintage Moog.avgr

Organ & Reed
OR Bright Organ.avgr
OR Glassy.avgr
OR Saw Cathedral.avgr
OR Sine Organ.avgr
RD Clarinet.avgr
RD Flute.avgr
RD Hobo.avgr

Piano & Pluck
PL 7th Pluck.avgr
PL Harp in Heaven.avgr
PN Harpsi.avgr
PN Piano1.avgr
PN Piano2.avgr

Strings & Pad
PD 80s deep movie.avgr
PD Alarm Pad.avgr
PD Alien Visitors.avgr
PD Deep Sea Soul.avgr
PD Hi Dream.avgr
PD Hollow Story.avgr
PD Husky7Pad .avgr
PD Singing Pad 1.avgr
PD Singing Pad 2.avgr
PD Singing Pad.avgr
PD Singing Ruff Pad.avgr
PD Soundtrack Pad.avgr
PD The BIG Sweep.avgr
ST Cinematic.avgr
ST Ghosttown.avgr
ST Horror Strings.avgr
ST HP Strings.avgr
St Solina Voices Chorus.avgr
St Solina Voices.avgr
ST WarmStrings.avgr

Synth & Keyb
SY Eighties Wave.avgr
SY Euro Saw 2.avgr
SY Euro Saw.avgr
SY French Mouth.avgr
SY I Saw That.avgr
SY NorthernStar.avgr
SY Poly Saw.avgr
SY Saw Synth.avgr
SY SinnerPriest.avgr
SY Synematic.avgr

VX AahPad.avgr
VX BigBertChoir.avgr
VX BoyChoir.avgr
VX C in Taiwan.avgr
VX Choir Chord 1.avgr
VX Choir Chord 2.avgr
VX Choir Chord 3.avgr
VX Female Ha.avgr
VX GlassyVoicePad.avgr
VX Male Ha.avgr
VX SinChoir.avgr
VX SoftChoirPad - PD.avgr
VX Vocalhush Pad.avgr
VX-FX Devil.avgr

####### BONUS #######

BA ARP Oddy FMBass.avgr
BR ARP OddyBrass Fat.avgr
DR ARP Snap.avgr
LD ARP 2600 NoiseLead.avgr
LD ARP OddyThereminer.avgr

FairVenger _DR-Set1 CMI IIx.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set11 CMI IIIx ELECTRO.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set13 CMI IIIx ROCK.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set14 CMI IIIx COLLINS.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set16 CMI IIIx INDUSTRIAL.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set5 CMI IIx.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set6 CMI IIx.avgr
FairVenger _DR-Set9 CMI IIx.avgr

ARP KORG Poly Upper.avgr
BR KORG Poly OrchHorn.avgr
LD KORG Le Frog.avgr
LD KORG Old 70s MS.avgr
LD KORG Poly Sweep Saw .avgr

BA MOOG Funky Glide.avgr
BA MOOG MeanMoog.avgr
BA MOOG PWM Bass.avgr
LD MOOG Major Club.avgr
LD MOOG Prodigidity.avgr

BR OB ObeyBrass.avgr
BR OB Sequencials.avgr
LD OB SyncSine.avgr
LD OB YouSync.avgr
PD OB Obieepad.avgr

KB PRO RitmicKeys DOWN.avgr
LD PRO Dirty Polysync A.avgr
LD PROPHET BusyLead.avgr
LD PROPHET Softlead.avgr
PD PRO OldSweep.avgr

BA JUPITER Bass Action.avgr
BA RO Junow Bass PWM.avgr
GT ROLAND Juno AcGuitar.avgr
LD RO Vintage Soul.avgr
OR RO Junow Organ.avgr

LD YAM CS-Chariots Lead.avgr
LD YAM Ringleader.avgr
PD YAM CS-5 Circles.avgr
PD YAM CS-Bladerunner.avgr
PD YAM Lonely Soul Pad.avgr

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