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Analogue Classics Legends: MOOG

Vps Avenger expansion with Retrovenger skin

This may B the only Moog presets yall ever need ! Sounds as fat as yo momma and as funky as yo poppa ! No sampling, all analog modeled after yo fat ass. Don be mistaken, this ain yo ordinairy expansion.

From Minimoog to Taurus to Memorymoog. Inspired by legendary synths, we've recreated the most typical and authentic analog sounds from the Moog synths. We started by selecting the best presets from original sounds and plugin resources and so created a library full of the most wanted sounds
Keeping the original characteristics of the synth, even with detuning and analog drift. 
So you'll get luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses,... all on the modern synth Avenger. Perfect for electro, dance and all kinda retro music.
Best of all, it comes with the vintage skin RetroVenger and a selection of famous sounds.
If you're looking for an analog synth for Avenger, this is your expansion !

Historically, the Minimoog is considered the very first synthesizer for musicians! Compact, affordable, simplified and based on the megalithic modular Moog synths, the Minimoog became the most popular synth of all time, and still is to this day! Prior to the Minimoog, synthesizers were custom built to order, and required a great deal of technical knowledge to be able to wire up and create a sound. The Minimoog changed all that by hard-wiring the most basic but essential of components into a compact keyboard any musician could not only play, but dial up some great sounds on! Thus, the Minimoog was the first synthesizer to show up on the shelves of music stores around the world.

Analogue Classics Legends: Moog

inspired VPS Avenger synth Expansion

  • Starting with 134 presets, pure emulated VA sound, no sampling, except for the drums.
  • Old vintage sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger. With detuning and analog drift.
  • +Bonus presets from the Analogue Classics Legends Expansions
  • +Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)
  • A total of 173 presets pure unique analog sounds! 
  • Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave, new wave, electro, ...
  • Macro's, aftertouch and mod wheel assigned presets
  • Included RETROVENGER skin !
  • See the specifications tab here on top
    for the installation details and preset list

We compared with the original stuff ! 

No need to buy 20 emulations plugins!
We've got our inspiration from existing synth and emulation plugins and recreated the iconic vintage sounds. 

  • No samplingall waveforms and FX by the Avenger synth engine
  • No gigabytes of diskspace and minutes of loading times needed
  • No CPU hogs !
  • Compared and inspired by many other existing plugins and original presets.
  • We catched the spirit of the sounds

Check our demo's

    Thanks to our demo producers who marvelously catched the feel. 


    • +39 Bonus presets from our Avenger Analogue Classics Legends collection

    BonusFAMOUS SOUNDS included ! 

    We now included several Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)

    • Sweet Dreams complete sets SQ, LD, BS, DR (Eurythmix) ,
    • Cars, Are Friends electric (Gary Numan),
    • Das Model complete SQ, Robots (Kraftwerk),
    • Harold F (Axel F),
    • Crocketts Theme (Jan Hammer),
    • Gimme Gimme (Abba),
    • Holiday (Madonna),
    • Lucky man (Wakerman),
    • Neon Judgement,
    • Any colour, Dag, Crazy Diamond, (Pink Floyd)
    • See a change, Valerie (Steve Winwood)
    • Thriller (Michael Jackson)

    BonusFree Skin coupon included ! 

    Wanna try it out? Register and get your FREE PRESETS 

    1. First register here or login
    2. Then Download our free presets here

    More Analogue Classics expansions coming up!

    We have you covered with expansions of ARP, KORG, MOOG, OBERHEIM, ROLAND, PROPHET, YAMAHA, OB,...

    Check out this demo by bLiNd - Jordan Aguirre - http://www.blindedm.com 


    Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5.5 and higher
    Format ZIPPED .avengercontent file
    Install instructions Installing the presets:
    1. First UNZIP the file.
    2. DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger browser library, It will start installing.
    3. DONE, enjoy your presets.

    Install video: http://www.encountersmedia.be/How-to-install-Avenger-skins-and-expansions

    Preset List

    #MOOG template v1.avgr
    #MOOG template v2.avgr

    BA ARP Oddy FMBass.avgr
    BR ARP OddyBrass Fat.avgr
    DR ARP Snap.avgr
    LD ARP 2600 NoiseLead.avgr
    LD ARP OddyThereminer.avgr

    FairVenger _DR-Set10 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set12 CMI IIIx ROCK dry.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set15 CMI IIIx CAMEO.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set17 CMI IIIx INDUSTRIAL2.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set2 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set3 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set4 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set7 CMI IIx.avgr
    FairVenger _DR-Set8 CMI IIx.avgr

    ARP KORG Poly Upper.avgr
    BR KORG Poly OrchHorn.avgr
    LD KORG Le Frog.avgr
    LD KORG Old 70s MS.avgr
    LD KORG Poly Sweep Saw .avgr

    BR OB ObeyBrass.avgr
    BR OB Sequencials.avgr
    LD OB SyncSine.avgr
    LD OB YouSync.avgr
    PD OB Obieepad.avgr

    KB PRO RitmicKeys DOWN.avgr
    LD PRO Dirty Polysync A.avgr
    LD PROPHET BusyLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Softlead.avgr
    PD PRO OldSweep.avgr

    BA JUPITER Bass Action.avgr
    BA RO Junow Bass PWM.avgr
    GT ROLAND Juno AcGuitar.avgr
    LD RO Vintage Soul.avgr
    OR RO Junow Organ.avgr

    LD YAM CS-Chariots Lead.avgr
    LD YAM Ringleader.avgr
    PD YAM CS-5 Circles.avgr
    PD YAM CS-Bladerunner.avgr
    PD YAM Lonely Soul Pad.avgr

    Arp & SQ
    ARP #FAM MOOG Robots 115bpm.avgr
    ARP MOOG arp story.avgr
    ARP MOOG D Agressor Buddy.avgr
    SQ #FAM Model Kraft 124bpm.avgr
    SQ #FAM SweetDreamer 125bpm.avgr

    BA #FAM Grandmaster Bass.avgr
    BA #FAM MEMO Axl F Bass.avgr
    BA #FAM MEMO Crocketts 93bpm.avgr
    BA #FAM MOOG D Abba Gimme.avgr
    BA D DEEP Moog - Wide.avgr
    BA MEMO AvolverBass.avgr
    BA MEMO AxBass.avgr
    BA MEMO GoingBass.avgr
    BA MINIMOOG Pow Bass.avgr
    BA MINIMOOGer.avgr
    BA MOOG D 3OSC a.avgr
    BA MOOG D 3OSC b.avgr
    BA MOOG D 3OSC drive.avgr
    BA MOOG D 3OSC hi.avgr
    BA MOOG D AceBass.avgr
    BA MOOG D Agressor Buddy.avgr
    BA MOOG D Analogtheme.avgr
    BA MOOG D At Ya Bass.avgr
    BA MOOG D Bassic Widedrifter.avgr
    BA MOOG Deep Analogue.avgr
    BA MOOG Funk Rider.avgr
    BA MOOG Funky Glide.avgr
    BA MOOG Low.avgr
    BA MOOG MeanMoog.avgr
    BA MOOG PartyBass.avgr
    BA MOOG PWM Bass.avgr
    BA MOOG ResoBass.avgr
    BA MOOG Snapper.avgr
    BA MOOG Soar Bass.avgr
    BA MOOG SquareBass.avgr
    BA MOOG Stereo Reso Bass.avgr
    BA MOOG Thump Bass.avgr
    BA MOOG Thump Bass2.avgr
    BA MOOG Tobeethree.avgr
    BA MOOG UniBass.avgr
    BA MOOG Whacker.avgr
    BA PHATTY Saw Oct Bass.avgr
    BA TAURUS Fat Bass.avgr
    BA VOYAGER Fat Leader.avgr

    BR MOOG Brassriser.avgr
    BR MOOG Brassternity.avgr
    BR MOOG D Fat NoisyBrass.avgr
    BR MOOG D FineBrass.avgr
    BR MOOG D Instablebrass.avgr
    BR MOOG Omnibrass.avgr
    BR MOOG Solobrass.avgr

    CH #FAM Grandmasters Chord.avgr
    CH #FAM Nitro Deluxe Stab.avgr
    CH MOOG Busters.avgr
    CH MOOG Cultic.avgr
    CH MOOG Evil spirits.avgr
    CH MOOG Festive min+.avgr
    CH MOOG Fifty7.avgr
    CH MOOG Sanctuary.avgr
    CH MOOG Sevenpluck.avgr
    CH MOOG Seventy5.avgr
    CH MOOG SwellCinema.avgr

    FX #FAM Axels Uplifter.avgr
    FX #FAM Robots Fweeet.avgr
    FX MEMORYMOOG Spacestation.avgr
    FX MOOG LFO Drop.avgr
    FX MOOoogvy.avgr

    LD #FAM Axl F Lead.avgr
    LD #FAM Crocketts Lead.avgr
    LD #FAM Emer Son 7th.avgr
    LD #FAM Holiday Lead.avgr
    LD #FAM Lucky Wakerman.avgr
    LD #FAM MEMOOG Numan Cars.avgr
    LD #FAM MEMOOG Numan Friends 94bpm.avgr
    LD #FAM MOOG Judgement Neon.avgr
    LD #FAM MOOG Judgement.avgr
    LD #FAM PinkF Any Colour.avgr
    LD #FAM PinkF Dogs Moog.avgr
    LD #FAM PinkF ShineOn Lead.avgr
    LD #FAM Steve Sees a Chance.avgr
    LD #FAM Steve's Valerie.avgr
    LD #FAM SweetDreamer Lead.avgr
    LD #FAM Wakermans Dream.avgr
    LD FATTY Fluttermoog.avgr
    LD MEMOMOOG Entity.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG 70s Solo Reso.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG Beam.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG Eleffo Lead.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG LeadBroke.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG Mono Lead.avgr
    LD MINIMOOG Sawing.avgr
    LD MOOG Mono Cat.avgr
    LD MOOG Mono Lead Square.avgr
    LD MOOG Prodigidity.avgr
    LD MOOG SaturatorSquare.avgr
    LD MOOG Seventies Show.avgr
    LD MOOG Shaky lead.avgr
    LD MOOG Squeeqy.avgr
    LD PRODIGY Lead1.avgr
    LD SOURCE Loudmooooo.avgr
    LD VOYAGER Moogerish.avgr

    Pno Plck Blls
    BE #FAM Axels Bells.avgr
    PL #FAM Axels FM Pluck.avgr
    PL #FAM Axels SawPluck.avgr
    PL #FAM Crocketts FM Pluck.avgr
    PL #FAM Crocketts Lead.avgr
    PL #FAM Flash Pluck.avgr
    PL #FAM Grandmasters Blub.avgr
    PL Crocketts FairliteChoir.avgr
    PL Flash Pluck.avgr
    PL MEMORYMOOG First Snow.avgr
    PL Santana Zipper Pluck.avgr

    Strings & Pads
    PD #FAM MOOG ShineOn Strings.avgr
    PD MOOG LongStoryPad.avgr
    PD MOOG OldGrungPad.avgr
    ST #FAM MEMOMOOG Terminator Str.avgr
    ST #FAM MOOG Holiday Strings.avgr
    ST MEMORYMOOG Ares Strings.avgr
    ST MOOG Base strings SAW.avgr
    ST MOOG Base strings SIN.avgr
    ST MOOG Base strings SQR.avgr
    ST MOOG Butterscotch.avgr
    ST MOOG Legend Strings.avgr
    ST MOOG Warm Strings.avgr
    ST MOOG Wide Hoover Strings.avgr

    Synth & Keyb
    SY MEMORYMOOG Marine.avgr
    SY MOOG BurstSynth.avgr
    SY MOOG DuoDing.avgr
    SY MOOG Evil Spirits Swp.avgr
    SY MOOG Heavy Saw.avgr
    SY MOOG PipeOrgan.avgr
    SY MOOG Sparkle in Ur Eyes.avgr

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