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Analogue Classics Legends: ARP

Vps Avenger expansion with Retrovenger skin

Looking for your trademark sounds? A sound that brands your tracks out of a million? Look no further! This crazy sounding expansion will blast you into the hitlist! 

Inspired by legendary synths, we've recreated the most typical and authentic analog sounds from the ARP synths. We started by selecting the best presets from original sounds and plugin resources and so created a library full of the most wanted sounds. Keeping the characteristics of the synth, even with detuning and analog drift. So you'll get luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses,... all on the modern synth Avenger. Perfect for electro, dance and all kinda retro music. Best of all, it comes with the vintage skin RetroVenger and a selection of famous sounds. If you're looking for an analog synth for Avenger, this is your expansion !

ARP's 2600 is without a doubt one of the finest analog synthesizers ever produced. For decades, it has been used in all forms of music and in the hands of many famous artists. This unique semi-modular monophonic synthesizer was designed for professionals but was also user-friendly enough to be used as a teaching instrument. The 2600, in fact ARP as a whole, competed directly against the synthesizer systems coming from Moog throughout the 1970's. The 2600 was ARP's answer to the modular system, creating a more compact, more stable and more intuitive synthesizer.

While the Minimoog proved to be a runaway success as the first compact studio synthesizer, ARP responded with a compact and user-friendly studio synthesizer of their own with the Odyssey in 1972. An almost equally legendary machine itself, the Odyssey was ARP's highest selling synth back then, and still is to this day in the second-hand market.

Analogue Classics Legends: ARP

inspired VPS Avenger synth Expansion

  • Pure emulated VA sound, no sampling, except for the drums.
  • Old vintage sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger. With detuning and analog drift.
  • SOLINA String Machine bank included
  • +Bonus presets from the Analogue Classics Legends Expansions
  • +Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)
  • A total of 174 presets pure unique analog sounds! 
  • Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave, new wave, electro, ...
  • Macro's, aftertouch and mod wheel assigned presets
  • Included RETROVENGER skin !
  • See the specifications tab here on top
    for the installation details and preset list

We compared with the original stuff ! 

No need to buy 20 emulations plugins!
We've got our inspiration from existing synth and emulation plugins and recreated the iconic vintage sounds. 

  • No samplingall waveforms and FX by the Avenger synth engine
  • No gigabytes of diskspace and minutes of loading times needed
  • No CPU hogs !
  • Compared and inspired by many other existing plugins and original presets.
  • We catched the spirit of the sounds

Check our demo's

    Thanks to our demo producers who marvelously catched the feel


    • +39 Bonus presets from our Avenger Analogue Classics Legends collection

    BonusFAMOUS SOUNDS included ! 

    • We now included several Famous sounds from known pop, rock and synth classics (#FAM tag)
    • Yazoo Don't Go, Diary, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk Radioactivity, The Robots

    BonusFree Skin coupon included ! 

    Wanna try it out? Register and get your FREE PRESETS 

    1. First register here or login
    2. Then Download our free presets here

    More Analogue Classics expansions coming up!

    We have you covered with expansions of ARP, KORG, MOOG, OBERHEIM, ROLAND, PROPHET, YAMAHA, OB,...

    Check out this demo by bLiNd - Jordan Aguirre - http://www.blindedm.com 


    Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5.5 and higher
    Format ZIPPED .avengercontent file
    Install instructions Installing the presets:
    1. First UNZIP the file.
    2. DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger browser library, It will start installing.
    3. DONE, enjoy your presets.

    Install video: http://www.encountersmedia.be/How-to-install-Avenger-skins-and-expansions

    Preset List

    #SOLINA str
    #FAM ARP Solina Equinox Phasepad
    #FAM ARP Solina Equinox Phasepad2
    #FAM ARP Solina PinkFloyd Dogs
    #FAM ARP Solina PinkFloyd Dogs2
    #FAM ARP Solina PinkFloyd Machine
    #FAM ARP Solina PinkFloyd Time Bs
    ARP Solina Accomp
    ARP Solina Air Strings
    ARP Solina Ambi Horns
    ARP Solina Ambi Strings
    ARP Solina ARP
    ARP Solina Basic Solist I
    ARP Solina Basic Solist II
    ARP Solina BasicFundament
    ARP Solina Bass I
    ARP Solina Bass II
    ARP Solina Bass III
    ARP Solina Bass IV
    ARP Solina Blue Strings
    ARP Solina Cars
    ARP Solina Cathedral
    ARP Solina Chorale
    ARP Solina Circus
    ARP Solina Eminent 4'
    ARP Solina Eminent 8'
    ARP Solina Eminent Sus
    ARP Solina Ensemble
    ARP Solina Lead70s
    ARP Solina Organ
    ARP Solina Replicant
    ARP Solina Soup

    Arp & Seq
    SQ #FAM ARP DontGo
    SQ #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary
    SQ #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary2
    SQ #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary3
    SQ #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary4
    SQ #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary5
    SQ #FAM JustCantGetEnough
    SQ ARP 2600 Arpearance
    SQ ARP Heavynator
    SQ ARP JarreJare
    SQ ARP Spacerun
    SQ ARP Vangelise

    BA #FAM ARP Diary Bass
    BA #FAM ARP DontGo
    BA #FAM ARP JustCanGet Bass
    BA #FAM ARP JustCanGet Bass2
    BA ARP 2600 Chorusss
    BA ARP 2600 Ducker
    BA ARP 2600 TruckBass
    BA ARP 2600 Upbass
    BA ARP BASSics
    BA ARP Chorusbass
    BA ARP Oddy FMBass
    BA ARP Oddy RuffBass
    BA ARP OddyBass SAW
    BA ARP OddyBass SQR
    BA ARP OddyBassFat

    BE #FAM ARP DontGo Marimba
    BE ARP Bellfive
    BE ARP Bellutor
    BE ARP Oddybell
    BE ARP Overtbell
    BE ARP Sawbell
    BE ARP Synbell
    BE ARP Worldbell

    BR #FAM ARP DontGo Brass
    BR ARP 2600 Brasstatique
    BR ARP 2600 DeepFatHorn
    BR ARP 2600 MrBlue
    BR ARP 2600 SadTrumpet
    BR ARP Abrasstic
    BR ARP Compliar
    BR ARP Odd Day Brass
    BR ARP Oddy Sync Brass
    BR ARP OddyBrassLead
    BR ARP OddyBreed
    BR ARP OddyFunfair
    BR ARP OD-yd
    BR ARP TwennySixBrass
    BR ARP YouRbrassiful

    DR #FAM ARP Sweet Dreams Claps
    DR #FAM Drums DontGo
    DR ARP Claps
    DR ARP Elecfence
    DR ARP OddyKick
    DR ARP SINKick
    DR ARP Snap
    DR ARP Spring

    FX #FAM Radioactivity Noise
    FX #FAM Robots Wooop
    FX ARP 2600 50s Weird
    FX ARP 2600 TeleTrippy
    FX ARP Broken Computer
    FX ARP Drop Bomb
    FX ARP Kicker
    FX ARP Machine Hiss
    FX ARP Saturn Race
    FX ARP SnH Blizzard

    LD #FAM ARP DontGo Basslead
    LD #FAM ARP DontGo Lead
    LD #FAM ARP DontGo Lead2
    LD #FAM ARP DontGo Lead3
    LD #FAM ARP DontGo Sweep
    LD #FAM ARP UltraHymn
    LD #FAM ARP Yazoo Diary Ld
    LD ARP 2600 Fat Square
    LD ARP 2600 NoiseLead
    LD ARP 2600 SawyLead
    LD ARP 2600 SinginSaw
    LD ARP 2600 Syncophobic
    LD ARP 2600 Twilight
    LD ARP 2600 VoxLead
    LD ARP Catty
    LD ARP Oddily
    LD ARP Oddy Egypt
    LD ARP Oddy FatLead
    LD ARP Oddy Hooverlead
    LD ARP OddyThereminer
    LD ARP Ody Trippylead
    LD ARP Soulfullead
    LD ARP Spacer
    LD ARP UglyLead

    Piano & Pluck
    PL #FAM ARP Radioactivity Pluck
    PL #FAM ARP Robots Pluck
    PL ARP 2600 HerbiePluck
    PN ARP Fantasie Piano
    PN ARP Hard Piano
    PN ARP Single Piano

    Synth & Keyb
    SY #FAM ARP Robots Sweep
    SY #FAM ARP SpaceTrucking
    SY ARP CosmicLead
    SY ARP Double Osc
    SY ARP Mondo Delay
    SY ARP SnH SQR arpeg
    SY ARP SNHer
    SY ARP TalkSynth
    SY ARP Tweak my Osc
    SY ARP WeirdBlob

    VC ARP AiLead
    VC ARP Vocalizer
    VC ARP YiaLead

    FairVenger ArrBass
    FairVenger BasClear
    FairVenger DirtGtr Sus
    FairVenger Famous Hit - Orch2
    FairVenger OB seq

    ARP KORG Poly Upper.avgr
    BR KORG Poly OrchHorn.avgr
    LD KORG Le Frog.avgr
    LD KORG Old 70s MS.avgr
    LD KORG Poly Sweep Saw .avgr

    BA MOOG Funky Glide.avgr
    BA MOOG MeanMoog.avgr
    BA MOOG PWM Bass.avgr
    LD MOOG Major Club.avgr
    LD MOOG Prodigidity.avgr

    BR OB ObeyBrass.avgr
    BR OB Sequencials.avgr
    LD OB SyncSine.avgr
    LD OB YouSync.avgr
    PD OB Obieepad.avgr

    KB PRO RitmicKeys DOWN.avgr
    LD PRO Dirty Polysync A.avgr
    LD PROPHET BusyLead.avgr
    LD PROPHET Softlead.avgr
    PD PRO OldSweep.avgr

    BA JUPITER Bass Action.avgr
    BA RO Junow Bass PWM.avgr
    GT ROLAND Juno AcGuitar.avgr
    LD RO Vintage Soul.avgr
    OR RO Junow Organ.avgr

    LD YAM CS-Chariots Lead.avgr
    LD YAM Ringleader.avgr
    PD YAM CS-5 Circles.avgr
    PD YAM CS-Bladerunner.avgr
    PD YAM Lonely Soul Pad.avgr

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