Avenger - AnSolas Classic Instrument Collection 1 - Presets Expansion

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AnSolas Classic Instrument Collection 1
for Vengeance Avenger

Classic Instrument Collection adds a wide variety of

classical acoustic instruments to your Avenger Library.

It might be used to create classical music to a certain extend

or give your synthetic music an organic touch.

Classic Instrument Collection 1, a VPS Avenger Expansion by AnSolas

  • Meaningful mapped macroknobs, modwheel and pitchbend
  • Velocity blended and layered multisamples for the most realistic playing experience
  • Comments with playing suggestions
  • See the specifications for preset list and requirements

Demo Songs

Requirements Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5 and higher
Format .avengercontent file
Install instructions Install instructions: DROP the .avengercontent file onto the Avenger library http://www.encountersmedia.be/How-to-install-Avenger-skins-and-expansions
Preset List Presets: 477
(Multi) Samples: 264
Drumkits: 13
Required Space: 1.55 GB

BR French Horn mute (vel).avgr
BR French Horn mute 1.avgr
BR French Horn mute 2.avgr
BR French Horn staccato (vel).avgr
BR French Horn staccato 1.avgr
BR French Horn staccato 2.avgr
BR French Horn staccato 3.avgr
BR French Horn staccato 4.avgr
BR French Horn sustain (vel).avgr
BR French Horn sustain 1.avgr
BR French Horn sustain 2.avgr
BR French Horn sustain 3.avgr
BR French Horn sustain 4.avgr
BR Horn staccato (vel).avgr
BR Horn staccato 1.avgr
BR Horn staccato 2.avgr
BR Horn sustain (vel).avgr
BR Horn sustain 1.avgr
BR Horn sustain 2.avgr
BR Old Trombone fall.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 1.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 10.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 11.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 12.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 13.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 14' (alt f & d#).avgr
BR Old Trombone short 14'' (alt f & d#) 2.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 14.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 2.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 3.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 4.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 5.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 6.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 7.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 8.avgr
BR Old Trombone short 9.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain (vel).avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 1.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 2.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 3.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 4.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 5.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 6.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 7.avgr
BR Old Trombone sustain 8.avgr
BR Old Trombone vibrato 1.avgr
BR Old Trombone vibrato 2.avgr
BR Old Trombone vibrato 3.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone 1 staccato (vel) .avgr
BR Tenor Trombone 1 staccato 1.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone 1 staccato 2.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone 1 sustain.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone 1.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone staccato (vel) .avgr
BR Tenor Trombone staccato 1.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone staccato 2.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone staccato 3.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone staccato 4.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone sustain (vel) .avgr
BR Tenor Trombone sustain 1.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone sustain 2.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone sustain 3.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone vibrato (vel) .avgr
BR Tenor Trombone vibrato 1.avgr
BR Tenor Trombone vibrato 2 (alt g#2).avgr
BR Tenor Trombone.avgr
BR Trombone Bass.avgr
BR Trumpet 1 staccato (vel).avgr
BR Trumpet 1 staccato 1.avgr
BR Trumpet 1 staccato 2.avgr
BR Trumpet 1 sustain.avgr
BR Trumpet 1.avgr
BR Trumpet A sustain (vel) .avgr
BR Trumpet A sustain 1.avgr
BR Trumpet A sustain 2.avgr
BR Trumpet A&B sustain .avgr
BR Trumpet B sustain (vel) .avgr
BR Trumpet B sustain 1.avgr
BR Trumpet B sustain 2.avgr
BR Trumpet C sustain (vel) .avgr
BR Trumpet C sustain 1.avgr
BR Trumpet C sustain 2.avgr
BR Trumpet C vibrato (vel) .avgr
BR Trumpet C vibrato 1.avgr
BR Trumpet C vibrato 2.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato (vel) .avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 1.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 2.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 3.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 4.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 5.avgr
BR Trumpet staccato 6.avgr
BR Tuba 1 staccato (vel).avgr
BR Tuba 1 staccato 1.avgr
BR Tuba 1 staccato 2.avgr
BR Tuba 1 sustain.avgr
BR Tuba staccato (vel) .avgr
BR Tuba staccato 1.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 2.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 3.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 4.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 5.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 6.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 7.avgr
BR Tuba staccato 8.avgr
BR Tuba sustain (vel) .avgr
BR Tuba sustain 1.avgr
BR Tuba sustain 2.avgr
BR Tuba sustain 3.avgr

CH Angelic Chorus 1.avgr
CH Angelic Chorus 2.avgr
CH Angelic Chorus 3.avgr
CH Angelic uhh 1.avgr
CH Angelic vowel 1.avgr
CH Angelic vowels solo.avgr
CH Angelic vowels.avgr
CH Big Chorus 1.avgr
CH Big Chorus 2.avgr
CH Big Female & Male Chorus.avgr
CH Big Female Chorus.avgr
CH Big Male Chorus.avgr
CH Breezy Chorus (female).avgr
CH Breezy Chorus.avgr
CH Enchanted Cluster 1.avgr
CH Enchanted Cluster 2.avgr
CH Female & Male Chorus.avgr
CH Female Chorus.avgr
CH High and Hollow.avgr
CH Male Chorus.avgr
CH Solo Voice Ahh (female).avgr
CH Solo Voice Ahh 1 (male).avgr
CH Solo Voice Ahh 2 (male).avgr
CH Solo Voice Ihh (male).avgr
CH Solo Voice Ohh (female).avgr
CH Solo Voice Ohh (male).avgr
CH Solo Voice Uhh (female).avgr
CH Voice A.avgr
CH Voice AUAO.avgr
CH Voice O.avgr
CH Voice U.avgr
CH Voice Uhh Chorus (male).avgr

DR Bass Drum 1 (vel).avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 1.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 2.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 3.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 4.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 5.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 6.avgr
DR Bass Drum 1 - 7.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 (vel).avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 1.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 2.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 3.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 4.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 5.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 6.avgr
DR Bass Drum 2 - 7.avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty (vel).avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty 1.avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty 2.avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty 3.avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty 4.avgr
DR Bass Drum dirty 5.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted (vel).avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 1.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 2.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 3.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 4.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 5.avgr
DR Bass Drum muted 6.avgr
DR Bass Drum short (vel).avgr
DR Bass Drum short 1.avgr
DR Bass Drum short 2.avgr
DR Bass Drum short 3.avgr
DR Bass Drum short 4.avgr
DR Bass Drum short 5.avgr

Ke Organ Loud 1.avgr
Ke Organ Loud pedal (vel).avgr
Ke Organ Loud pedal.avgr
OR Organ Loud (vel).avgr
OR Organ quiet 1.avgr
OR Organ quiet 2.avgr
OR Organ quiet 3.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 (vel).avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 forte 1.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 forte 2.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 mezzo-piano 1.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 mezzo-piano 2.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 mezzo-piano 3.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 pianissimo 1.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 pianissimo 2.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 pianissimo 3.avgr
PI Bright Upright Nr1 plucked.avgr
PI Dream Piano .avgr
PI Grand Piano (vel) 2.avgr
PI Grand Piano (vel) 3.avgr
PI Grand Piano (vel).avgr
PI Grand Piano 1.avgr
PI Grand Piano 2 (vel).avgr
PI Grand Piano forte 1.avgr
PI Grand Piano forte 2.avgr
PI Grand Piano forte 3.avgr
PI Pianissimo Dream.avgr
PI Toy Piano 1.avgr
PI Toy Piano 2.avgr
PI Upright Piano 1.avgr
PI Upright Piano 2.avgr
PI Upright Piano mezzo-piano.avgr
PI Upright Piano pianissimo.avgr
PI Upright Piano.avgr

PE Agogo Bell (vel).avgr
PE Agogo Bell 1.avgr
PE Agogo Bell 2.avgr
PE Agogo Bell 3.avgr
PE Anvil Hit (vel).avgr
PE Anvil Hit 1.avgr
PE Anvil Hit 2.avgr
PE Anvil Hit 3.avgr
PE Belltree (vel).avgr
PE Belltree 1.avgr
PE Belltree 2.avgr
PE Belltree 3.avgr
PE Belltree 4.avgr
PE Belltree 5.avgr
PE Belltree 6.avgr
PE Belltree 7.avgr
PE Belltree Stroke 1 (granular).avgr
PE Belltree Stroke 2 (granular).avgr
PE Belltree Stroke 3 (granular).avgr
PE Belltree Stroke 4 (granular).avgr
PE Bongo (vel).avgr
PE Bongo 1.avgr
PE Bongo 2.avgr
PE Bongo 3.avgr
PE Bongo 4.avgr
PE Brake Drum 1 (vel).avgr
PE Brake Drum 1 - 1.avgr
PE Brake Drum 1 - 2.avgr
PE Brake Drum 1 - 3.avgr
PE Brake Drum 1 - 4.avgr
PE Brake Drum 2 (vel).avgr
PE Brake Drum 2 - 1.avgr
PE Brake Drum 2 - 2.avgr
PE Brake Drum 2 - 3.avgr
PE Chimes.avgr
PE Claves 1 (vel).avgr
PE Claves 1 - 1.avgr
PE Claves 1 - 2.avgr
PE Claves 1 - 3.avgr
PE Claves 1 - 4.avgr
PE Claves 2 (vel).avgr
PE Claves 2 - 1.avgr
PE Claves 2 - 2.avgr
PE Claves 2 - 3.avgr
PE Claves 3 (vel).avgr
PE Claves 3 - 1.avgr
PE Claves 3 - 2.avgr
PE Conga (vel).avgr
PE Conga 1.avgr
PE Conga 2.avgr
PE Conga 3.avgr
PE Conga 4.avgr
PE Conga 5.avgr
PE Conga 6.avgr
PE Conga muted (vel).avgr
PE Conga muted 1.avgr
PE Conga muted 2.avgr
PE Conga muted 3.avgr
PE Conga muted 4.avgr
PE Conga muted 5.avgr
PE Conga muted 6.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 (vel).avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 1.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 2.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 3.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 4.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 5.avgr
PE Cowbell 1 - 6.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 (vel).avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 1.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 2.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 3.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 4.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 5.avgr
PE Cowbell 2 - 6.avgr
PE Glockenspiel 1.avgr
PE Glockenspiel 2.avgr
PE Large Ethnic Stick's (vel).avgr
PE Large Ethnic Stick's (vel) hold.avgr
PE Large Ethnic Stick's forte.avgr
PE Large Ethnic Stick's mezzo-forte.avgr
PE Large Ethnic Stick's pianissimo.avgr
PE Log Drum High (vel).avgr
PE Log Drum High 1.avgr
PE Log Drum High 2.avgr
PE Log Drum High 3.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 1 (vel).avgr
PE Log Drum Low 1 - 1.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 1 - 2.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 1 - 3.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 2 (vel).avgr
PE Log Drum Low 2 - 1.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 2 - 2.avgr
PE Log Drum Low 2 - 3.avgr
PE Maraca's.avgr
PE Marimba.avgr
PE Metallic Tension Tree (granular).avgr
PE Toy Piano Percussion.avgr
PE Xylophone 1.avgr
PE Xylophone 2.avgr
PE Kalimba (Thumb Piano).avgr

2 layer octave with accent.avgr
4 Layer.avgr
6 Velocity Layer.avgr
7 Velocity Layer.avgr
8 Velocity Layer.avgr

ST Bass pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Bass pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Bass pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Bass staccato (vel).avgr
ST Bass staccato 1.avgr
ST Bass staccato 2.avgr
ST Bass sustain.avgr
ST Celli pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Celli pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Celli pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Celli staccato (vel).avgr
ST Celli staccato 1.avgr
ST Celli staccato 2.avgr
ST Celli sustain.avgr
ST Cello Section pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Cello Section pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Cello Section pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Cello Section pizzicato 3.avgr
ST Cello Section pizzicato 4.avgr
ST Cello Section spiccato (vel).avgr
ST Cello Section spiccato 1.avgr
ST Cello Section spiccato 2.avgr
ST Cello Section spiccato 3.avgr
ST Cello Section spiccato 4.avgr
ST Cello Section sustain vibrato (vel).avgr
ST Cello Section sustain vibrato 1.avgr
ST Cello Section sustain vibrato 2.avgr
ST Cello Section sustain vibrato 2b.avgr
ST Cello Section tremolo (vel).avgr
ST Cello Section tremolo 1.avgr
ST Cello Section tremolo 2.avgr
ST Cello.avgr
ST Contrabass pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Contrabass pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Contrabass pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Contrabass pizzicato 3.avgr
ST Contrabass pizzicato 4.avgr
ST Contrabass spiccato (vel).avgr
ST Contrabass spiccato 1.avgr
ST Contrabass spiccato 2.avgr
ST Contrabass spiccato 3.avgr
ST Contrabass spiccato 4.avgr
ST Contrabass sustain (vel).avgr
ST Contrabass sustain 1.avgr
ST Contrabass sustain 2.avgr
ST Contrabass sustain vibrato (vel).avgr
ST Contrabass sustain vibrato 1.avgr
ST Contrabass sustain vibrato 2.avgr
ST Contrabass tremolo (vel).avgr
ST Contrabass tremolo 1.avgr
ST Contrabass tremolo 2.avgr
ST Harp 1.avgr
ST Harp 2.avgr
ST Harp 3.avgr
ST Harp 4.avgr
ST Harp 5.avgr
ST Koto 1.avgr
ST Viola pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Viola pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Viola pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Viola Section pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Viola Section pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Viola Section pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Viola Section pizzicato 3.avgr
ST Viola Section pizzicato 4.avgr
ST Viola Section spiccato (vel).avgr
ST Viola Section spiccato 1.avgr
ST Viola Section spiccato 2.avgr
ST Viola Section spiccato 3.avgr
ST Viola Section spiccato 4.avgr
ST Viola Section sustain vibrato (vel).avgr
ST Viola Section sustain vibrato 1.avgr
ST Viola Section sustain vibrato 2.avgr
ST Viola Section tremolo (vel).avgr
ST Viola Section tremolo 1.avgr
ST Viola Section tremolo 2.avgr
ST Viola sustain.avgr
ST Violin 1st pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Violin 1st pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Violin 1st pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Violin 1st staccato (vel).avgr
ST Violin 1st staccato 1.avgr
ST Violin 1st staccato 2.avgr
ST Violin 1st sustain.avgr
ST Violin 2st pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Violin 2st pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Violin 2st pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Violin 2st staccato (vel).avgr
ST Violin 2st staccato 1.avgr
ST Violin 2st staccato 2.avgr
ST Violin 2st sustain.avgr
ST Violin pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Violin pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Violin pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Violin pizzicato 3.avgr
ST Violin pizzicato 4.avgr
ST Violin Section pizzicato (vel).avgr
ST Violin Section pizzicato 1.avgr
ST Violin Section pizzicato 2.avgr
ST Violin Section pizzicato 3.avgr
ST Violin Section pizzicato 4.avgr
ST Violin Section spiccato (vel).avgr
ST Violin Section spiccato 1.avgr
ST Violin Section spiccato 2.avgr
ST Violin Section spiccato 3.avgr
ST Violin Section spiccato 4.avgr
ST Violin Section sustain vibrato (vel).avgr
ST Violin Section sustain vibrato 1.avgr
ST Violin Section sustain vibrato 2.avgr
ST Violin Section tremolo (vel).avgr
ST Violin Section tremolo 1.avgr
ST Violin Section tremolo 2.avgr
ST Violin.avgr

WO Bassoon Contra.avgr
WO Bassoon staccato (vel).avgr
WO Bassoon staccato 1.avgr
WO Bassoon staccato 2.avgr
WO Bassoon staccato 3.avgr
WO Bassoon staccato 4.avgr
WO Bassoon sustain (vel).avgr
WO Bassoon sustain 1.avgr
WO Bassoon sustain 2.avgr
WO Bassoon sustain 3.avgr
WO Bassoon vibrato (vel).avgr
WO Bassoon vibrato 1.avgr
WO Bassoon vibrato 2.avgr
WO Bassoon.avgr
WO Clarinet Bass.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato (vel).avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 1.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 2.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 3.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 4.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 5.avgr
WO Clarinet staccato 6.avgr
WO Clarinet sustain 1.avgr
WO Clarinet sustain 2.avgr
WO Clarinet sustain long (vel).avgr
WO Clarinet sustain long 1.avgr
WO Clarinet sustain long 2.avgr
WO Clarinet sustain long 3.avgr
WO Cor Anglais Duet.avgr
WO Cor Anglais.avgr
WO Flute Alto.avgr
WO Flute staccato (vel).avgr
WO Flute staccato 1.avgr
WO Flute staccato 2.avgr
WO Flute staccato 3.avgr
WO Flute staccato 4.avgr
WO Flute staccato 5.avgr
WO Flute staccato 6.avgr
WO Flute sustain vibrato 1 (vel).avgr
WO Flute sustain vibrato 2 (vel).avgr
WO Flute sustain vibrato 3.avgr
WO Flute sustain.avgr
WO Oboe staccato (vel).avgr
WO Oboe staccato 1.avgr
WO Oboe staccato 2.avgr
WO Oboe staccato 3.avgr
WO Oboe staccato 4.avgr
WO Oboe staccato 5.avgr
WO Oboe staccato 6.avgr
WO Oboe sustain (vel).avgr
WO Oboe sustain 1.avgr
WO Oboe sustain 2.avgr
WO Oboe sustain 3.avgr
WO Oboe vibrato (vel).avgr
WO Oboe vibrato 1.avgr
WO Oboe vibrato 2.avgr
WO Oboe vibrato 3.avgr
WO Piccolo staccato.avgr
WO Piccolo sustain & staccato (vel).avgr
WO Piccolo sustain.avgr
WO Piccolo.avgr
WO Tin Whistle sustain & staccato (vel).avgr
WO Trio.avgr

Nice To Know
Some patches such as BRASS / BR French Horn mute (vel) appear at a very low volume after loading.

This is by intention...

They want to be played with the ModWheel. It 'feels' better to move the wheel up and the sound gets louder instead of presenting themselves with a annoying bright loud sound, they want to be played emotionally with the ModWheel.

Some Layered Presets are crafted to being played with the ModWheel to shape its volume. Let's say we have 3 layer, one might expect that Layer 1 should play the lowest volume and Leyer 3 the highest. Instead of this, the Layers are ment to be used to add an organic variation to the timbre and the ModWheel should be used to define the Dynamics. That sounds much more realistic than triggering the same sample with the same attack multiple times. Give it a try and ride the waves,

Make sure to have a look at the patch comments, there you find useful information how the patch is intended to be played.

Some patches have the comment ‘use as damper’, thats means use the mod wheel to fade out sounds or damp them

Tip: open the velocity spit editor to see which layer you are triggering, that helps to learn to play the instruments more realistic

On some patches there are separate versions of the single samples for maximal flexibility. Under some circumstances it is easier to play just that one sample instead of the full velocity split version.

The ModWheel is mapped to the sample start on some Patches, so watch carefully when exploring them to get the most out of it.

Some multisample share some samples, so even if the the displayed waveform looks on some patches the same, they are all different in some keys. For example the BR Old Trombone's are all slightly different.

enjoy !

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